CVDPN IS A NONPROFIT 501(c)3.  We are 100% volunteer driven with no paid staff.  We need your help!

Community Events:  The two most primary means of education are community events and training.  Community events are generally where we attend and distribute important educational pieces about Disaster Prep and engage the attendees in conversation while we distribute them.  Volunteers are needed to take shifts on “manning” the tables.  This can be from 2 hours or ? hours (broken into shifts) a month.  As much time as you have or wish to give, we need volunteers on weekdays and occasionally on a Saturday.


Training Events: Training sessions are specifically for larger groups and focus on disaster prep, ancillary topics like Stop the Bleed and others.  They require volunteers to help set up the room, stage the refreshment tables, registration, break down the room after, etc.  Again, hours are flexible. Usually weekdays.


Marketing External Relations: We put out email blasts to more than 1,200 (and growing) people using Constant Contact.  This requires creating the sign-up forms, the emails, and collecting and organizing the registrations.  Mostly computer work, Excel and Word experience needed.  Work from home.


External Relations: The best way to be remembered and supported, since we survive on donations and grants, is to reinforce our relations with our members, businesses, and homeowner associations. This requires letters , phone calls, or emails of gratitude that include a request for a consideration of donation after a presentation.  Work from home.


Reaching out to potential donors – businesses, grant foundations, etc. for information we can use and follow up on.


Community Event Ambassador: In addition to volunteers to handle events, we need a volunteer coordinator to set up a monthly calendar of events and fill the positions.  The responsibility includes assisting in enlisting volunteers, training them, and scheduling them.


IT Setup for presentations:  We need someone with technical experience to assist in linking up computers, power point  presentations, Zoom meeting broadcasts (we have an Owl for in person meetings with call-ins), Prezi presentations  are web-based presentations accessible from computers), but struggle with the conflicts between the various equipment to be used (the community, committee) and ours, plus the video hookups (Samsun and IOS refuse to talk to each other, and getting a format for distribution by email of products on Flash Drives that are compatible with Mac and PC’s is another issue.)


Social Media:  Assist with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms (we need to expand beyond Facebook)


Videographer/Editor/Producer:  When possible, we video our training sessions and other presentations and then post them on our YouTube.